About Paige

I was raised in Southern Utah, and I have lived here my entire life. I love the sunshine! I like being outside, when it's not too hot! There are so many beautiful places close to us, and I enjoy our central location. I am the oldest of four children. Growing up as the oldest brought lots of responsibilities. I know that being the oldest molded me into the organized, 'type-A' person that I am today. I enjoy being with my family! The brother just below me is 18 months younger than I am. He is married and lives in Northern Utah. My sister is 19 years old, and she is attending college here in Southern Utah. My youngest brother is almost 17, and he keeps us all going with his sense of humor. My Parents got divorced when I was 20. It was a difficult time, and I thought I'd never accept it. But as the years have gone on, I have recongnized the divorce as a blessing in my life. My Mom lives near us, and we see each other about once a week. She is such a strength to me, and I find her support unmovable. She is an outgoing person, and has the abilitiy to make everyone around her feel welcome and comfortable. My Dad lives in Northern Utah. We do not have a close relationship. We share very different views, and I have found through the years that his support was based on his needs. I have come to the conclusion that parents need to be supportive, no matter the circumstance. My family loves to laugh! My sibilings and I have a close bond, and it is rare that we are not laughing! We also enjoy camping, swimming at my Mom's, and playing games.

After graduating from High School, I immediately enrolled at Dixie State College. I obtained my Associates of Science and applied for Nursing School. After my completion of Nursing School in 2007, I attended Southern Utah University to obtain my Bachelors of Nursing Degree, which I completed in 2008. During my years at Dixie State College, I worked in the Emergency Room as a Technician. It was here that my love for medicine grew. I worked in the Emergency Room for almost 5 years. After completion of Nursing School, I transferred to work in orthopedics. I currently work with administration in patient safety.