Path to Adoption

Since the beginning of our relationship, we have talked about our future family. We both want children, Nick once said he wanted 8! We started trying to conceive over 4 years ago, since that time we have come across many bumps. We have had the support of many friends and family members, through our struggles with infertility. We have decided at this time in our lives, Heavenly Father wishes for children to come into our home and life through adoption. We continue to feel the support of our friends and family members, and they couldn't be happier about our decision. We feel blessed to be a part of adoption and feel that it is an amazing miracle. We are thankful for birthparents who are willing to place their child with adoptive couples. We recognize the courage that it takes for birthparents and families; and we are thankful for your strength. We know that adopted children are blessed to have two families that love them. If you would like, we are willing to have an open adoption. So that you as the birthparent, can feel at peace and have a reassurance of the decision you have made.