Thoughts about Paige

Paige is an amazing person with so many talents and abilities. She has this amazing ability to organize. She can see something that is in complete disarray and have it completely organized and functional in no time at all. Paige is very thoughtful and always wants to make others feel welcome, loved, and important. She can see someone in need, and strives to help whenever and however possible. Just recently she went out of town for a business trip, over night. When I came home from work that day there were love notes placed throughout the house from her. It was so fun to come home to these sweet notes from her. Paige has a fun loving, spontaneous personality. She loves to make people laugh, and she has a great sense of humor. Paige enjoys being with friends and family, and enjoys planning events and gatherings. Another example of Paige's care for others is on the day we came home from taking our nieces to Disneyland, she had scrapbooks made for each of the girls with all the pictures of our trip so the girls could take them home and show their family. Paige is very creative, she has decorated our home in a way that makes it feel warm and inviting to all who enter. She especially loves decorating for each holiday. She loves celebrating the holidays and coming up with new traditions for our family. I love having Paige in my life. I am grateful to have her as my eternal companion, and friend; she is a great blessing in my life.